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Online PR Helps Organic Rank

Posted by ivy on Oct. 28, 2009, 6 p.m.

When we do online PR for our clients, we do so with two goals in mind: 

1.  To gain inbound links:  We may post press releases that no one will ever read on press release distribution sites.  We'll fill the release with inbound links to your site that include your keywords.  This is effective in raising organic rank because the more inbound links you have, the higher you rank.  You must be careful about where you obtain these links and how the links are done, so talk to a professional, or do some research before you spend too much time on it.

2.  To raise awareness:  We use online PR to get in front of your target and get you coverage on online publications.  So, basically we look at where your target may be hanging out online and create a presence there.  This means, perhaps, contacting an influential blogger and sending them information in the hopes that they will post something about you.  We’ll also gain some inbound links by giving the blogger  the exact content they should post.  This is a win-win situation for you and for the publication. Online publications and bloggers want high-quality, targeted, original content without having to produce it.  And, you want exposure to your target.

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