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Put a Social Media Policy in Place Now!

Posted by alexander on Feb. 9, 2011, 5 p.m.

A social media policy is a critical piece any employee handbook and can save you from a future lawsuit or embarrassment.  I know of one company that almost lost a client because of something one of their employees posted on Facebook.  Don't let that happen to you.

This is our social media policy that we use here at Fusionbox and share with many of our clients.

Fusionbox Social Media Policy
Never use personal sites, personal blogs or personal social media to:
·         Talk about what you are doing for a client
·         Post anything negative about a client
·         Post anything negative about Fusionbox
·         Post anything negative about a co-worker
·         Post, discuss or email internal documentation
·         Post, discuss or email confidential information
·         Post, discuss or email proprietary information
On the Fusionbox site or any of our social media outlets:

All employees are encouraged to add thoughts and ideas and reposts to Twitter, our blog, or our Facebook page.
Here’s what to do:
·         Post company news
·         Post links to content, products, or ideas that is relevant to our business or that you think would be interesting to our followers, clients, partners, and employees
·         Post something geeky that you are into
·         Post something funny but not inappropriate
Here’s what not to do:
·         Never post anything that is:

  • NSFW
  • Religious in nature
  • Racist
  • Sexist
  • Homophobic

Please feel free to take this policy and modify it as your own.  For more information on our Denver social media marketing services, contact us at 303-952-7490.