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Restaurants Fusionbox wants to visit at Denver Restaurant Week 2013

Posted by fusionbox on March 8, 2012, 5 p.m.

Though we realize that we're a tad early for thinking about Restaurant Week 2013, we can't help ourselves. There's a general gloom in the office over the end of Restaurant Week 2012 – today!

While some of us are still trying to get last-minute reservations at our favorite restaurants, others are already clearing their calenders, for... um, next year.

Just to see if our palates jump for joy when certain restaurants are named, we did a poll and here's a list of the restaurants that came out trumps (in no particular order.)

1. Euclid Hall & Bar: This is classy bar/pub food, and we like the décor with its rustic charm. We're most excited about this restaurant returning next year for Restaurant Week. Not that we won't go there again this year. Because we will.

2. Osteria Marco: They know their pizza, and it's delicious. And so is the rest of their food. Not surprisingly, this restaurant got the most votes from all the 'Boxers. Restaurant week or not, we'll be frequenting this establishment.

3. The 9th Door: Spanish tapas have such a great culinary history, and this restaurant translates it all in their small plates of food. As one of very few restaurants offering tapas in Denver, it certainly merits more than one visit a year.

4. The Melting Pot: We're just grateful this restaurant is doing the Restaurant Week for all of March. Hot stuff covered in cheese? What's NOT to love?

5. Tamayo: While this may not be an ideal vegetarian experience, as one 'Boxer discovered, anybody with a love for steak and other meats will discover this restaurant is truly a treasure. It has an interesting year-round menu, and is certainly Mexican food reinvented.

So this was our list of places to frequent with or without a Restaurant Week menu. It's a pity Restaurant Week happens just once a year.

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