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Soap, Lather, Rinse, Repeat: The Fusionbox Cleaning/Testing Method

Posted by paula on Feb. 3, 2010, 5 p.m.

What commonly happens when any task is complete, is that it just gets left as is.  Companies are too busy and are more willing to get a task done and declare it complete so they can move on to the next item on their list. There is no point of going back and rechecking your work, right?  It'll help us cut down on time. WRONG!

Here at Fusionbox, we do not consider launching anything unless it's been thoroughly tested.  Nothing goes live to the public if we have not analyzed and re-analyzed every facet of the project.  Perfection and quality for our clients is a must!

We do this in a very organized, methodical manner, and we have checklists for every programming, SEO, and usability test out there.  We pride ourselves in finding bugs before our clients catch them and we are quick on our toes at getting them terminated.

All Fusionbox client sites:

  • Are cross-browser tested on IE6, IE7, IE8, Safari, FireFox, and Google Chrome.
  • Are put through a syntax checking validation system, every single page.
  • Are passed through all sets of eyes in our office.
  • Use clean code for efficiency, professionalism, and for search engine optimization.
  • Are user friendly!

SOAP:  This is our first step in ensuring quality and web usability.  We apply layers and layers of eyes atop a website.  We find those nasty bugs and eliminate them! 

LATHER: Then we sudsy it up.  We get more intense in bug finding, incorporating our entire group, and digging our hands together into our sites prior to launch.

RINSE:  Then we rinse.  PROJECT TERMINATE!  All of our Programming, Design, Usability, and Coding bugs are wiped away!  BAM, POW, WHIP -- one after the next! 

REPEAT:  Then we repeat, which is a continual cycle.  Once a site is launched, we're still not done with you yet!  We are constantly viewing our sites to make sure they are working properly and delivering results to clients. Not only do we have a high standard of customer service, but each member of our team is proud of the work we produce and we want it to be the best.  Our clients are our partners, and when they're happy, we're happy!

You can have the most fancy schmanziest coolest looking site, but how effective is it if:

  • It has only been tested in one browser? Other users might come to the site on another browser to find things not working.
  • The coding is wrong and missing closing tags? Because of this, search engines are possibly ignoring your site.
  • You're the only one looking at it without others' opinions?  Not everyone sees the same thing and with a variety points of view, maybe another's suggestions would be worth the taking.

Soap, Lather, Rinse, Repeat = happy clients and prideful Fusionboxers!