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Social Media Goes Beyond Facebook & Twitter

Posted by ivy on Feb. 1, 2011, 5 p.m.

Social media marketing goes well beyond just posting to Facebook and Twitter.  When creating a plan, look at online public relations as a whole.  This means you might want to consider the following tactics if they are right for your brand:

  • Contacting bloggers and suggesting posts.  Commenting on blogs or articles germane to your business.
  • Managing the top search engine results.  Something negative that might be ranking high on search engines can do considerable damage to the brand.
  • Managing online reviews.  This includes posting immediate responses to negative reviews, and come up with ways to encourage good reviews.
  • Creating, optimizing and posting press releases.  This gets the news out and helps search engine ranking.
  • Creating and/or participating in groups, forums, directories and networks.
  • Create and post compelling content in the form of blogs, articles, resources, and thought leadership that is helpful to your target audience.
  • Create an outlet for your clients to talk about themselves and grow their businesses.

These are the things that always get left off a plan but can make the difference in the generating more brand awareness, business and leads.