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Spotted in the Wild: Google AdWords Ad Extensions

Posted by fusionbox on Oct. 6, 2011, 6 p.m.

Spotted in the Wild: Google AdWords Ad Extensions

Doing some research today I spotted a new Ad Extension format not currently offered in the Google AdWords interface. Although there is probably a more proper name internally, it is essentially a small form inside a pay per click ad, which can be submitted without clicking through to the landing page.

Possible applications for a customized form (shown here as a newsletter email catcher) are exciting for any online marketing pro to consider. Users could pre-order goods on an ecommerce website, enter contests or get a quote on goods or services not actually sold online. The uses for this ad extension aren’t limitless, but they would also provide very compelling data about the efficacy of ad copy. If a user likes what they see and performs a desired action without clicking through to the site, that is effective messaging.

In researching the new extension there doesn’t appear to be anything mentioned in the forums, but it is presumably in a limited beta. Learning more about which advertisers are opted in might provide some interesting data as well.

Hopefully the beta goes well, as we are looking forward to rolling this into production for our Denver SEO and Pay-Per-Click clients.

What do you know about the new ad extension?


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