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Strategies for Non-Profit Marketing

Posted by ivy on Jan. 10, 2011, 5 p.m.

General Recommendations

• Separate your communication strategies and database by audience:  corporate, individual donor, constituents
• Put your efforts where you get your biggest dollars: corporate
• Gear content toward each audience
• Use different channels for different audiences (For example, Facebook for individual donors but not for Corporate)
• Tell stories instead of trying to talk about what you do

Email Marketing Recommendations

• Do a monthly email that is short and sweet.  Do a longer quarterly newsletter
• For corporations, send helpful content ("How to Connect and Engage with Hispanic Business Owners")
• For individuals, send emotional content ("Non Profit Grad Makes it Big, and Gives it Back")
• Use lists, bullets, and content that is easy to digest quickly
• Don't make it all about raising money.  Ask, but do so as an aside.  If readers are compelled by your content and story, they'll be compelled to give

Getting people to care about your cause means telling stories, not listing out the services you provide, your board members, and pimping your fundraising efforts.  If you get people to emotionally connect with what you are doing, they are that much more likely to get involved and give.