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Twitter 101- How to Grow Your Twitter Followers

Posted by fusionbox on Oct. 6, 2011, 6 p.m.

Whether you've never touched Twitter before or updating your status is second nature, you probably want to know how you can increase your Twitter fan base without burning a hole in your marketing budget.

First thing's first...Make your Twitter page engaging- customize your background relevant to your product or industry (you can even put information in the background to get people back to your website), post an interesting avatar that is clear and large enough to grab your followers' attention as they quickly scroll down their home page, and have a relevant company bio using keywords that enhance SEO. You'll also want to maintain your profile by posting daily: industry news, company updates, and posting other useful content that's interesting to your audience but has nothing to do with you.

Follow to be followed If you follow others they will probably follow you back- if they do, then on the left hand side of their page, random profiles will be displayed (this is where your bio is handy) and their page viewers can easily follow you.

Join the conversation Utilize your retweets (RT), mentions and replies (@), and hashtags (#) to start or join a conversation. By using this form of “tagging”, followers of the profile you are mentioning will be able to see your handle and click to view your page (easily allowing them to follow you in less than 3 seconds flat). Also encourage your followers to retweet your content.

Hashtags are great for connecting with people in your industry who are using the same #. See what hashtag your followers, competitors, or target audience is using and start using it too! Or even create your own and see how influential you are.

Pay to be seen Recently, Twitter launched their “Promoted Tweets” and “Promoted Accounts” which is essentially a Pay-Per-Click system. This is great for B2C companies looking to promote to a large demographic.

Don't forget...Link your Twitter account to ALL areas of your business communication- your company website, your LinkedIn profile, blog, Facebook page, email signature, and even your business card. You want people you come across (whether you know them or not) to know that you can be found on Twitter.

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