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Ways To Use Fonts On Your Website

Posted by esther on April 12, 2012, 6 p.m.

Some of the things that make our web designers excited are the new design techniques and options that are being developed all the time. We thrive on new technologies and use them to pick the best options for our client's needs.

We've come along way in the realm of fonts used on the web. We no longer have to rely on web-safe fonts, and we can use fonts that actually enhance the design for the client. Not too long ago we switched from using a font replacement program such as Cufón to Google web fonts, resulting in cleaner HTML, faster-loading sites and selectable text.

In short, without getting too "techie" about the differences, hereʼs a quick list of the key differences between these two technologies:

Factors Cufón Google Web Fonts
Allows for CSS3 Effects - x
Well known fonts are available x -
Choose Unknown Fonts From a Library - x
Fonts Are Selectable - x
Fonts and Styles are Easily Defined in the CSS File - x
Easily Implemented - x
No Font License Needed - x
Doesn't compromise HTML - x

Although Fusionbox designers highly prefer Google Web fonts over Cufón, there are scenarios that require other font options to be explored.

For example, if your Brand Standards state that a specific font must be used, a font replacement method like Cufón might be a better fit, as the Google web fonts offered are all  new, unknown fonts — they don't offer traditional “print” fonts.

Just remember, when you use any font — even on the web — make sure you have the appropriate license to use them, just like you would with any other third party imagery.