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What do the Google Adwords statuses mean?

Posted by drew on Jan. 5, 2014, 5 p.m.

On almost every reporting screen of Google Adwords, there is a column labeled "Status." Depending on which screen you are on, this column can contain different messages and mean different things. I’ve tried to compile a helpful (though not exhaustive) explanation of some problematic status messages for keywords and campaigns, complete with some advice on how to deal with them. I have not include the status messages that the user controls (e.g. Paused and Deleted).

Keyword Statuses:

Pending - Your keywords are pending when they are part of a campaign that is scheduled to activate itself at a later date. If you wish to activate them immediately, you can change this at the campaign level.

Disapproved - Your keyword has been rejected by Google Adwords for violating one of the advertising policies. It would be a good idea to review the policies and adjust your keywords to re-submit for consideration.

Below First Page Bid Estimate - Keywords with this status are eligible to show ads, but are not often appearing on the first page of Google results. To remedy this, you can increase your Max. CPC Bid to the recommended by Adwords and/or change your keyword’s quality score through adjustments to your ad text and landing page.

Low Search Volume - This particular keyword gets so little search traffic in Google that it is not eligible to trigger ads. Consequently, you are not showing any ads for this keyword. It doesn’t necessarily hurt your account to have keywords with this status, but they will not help you either. If you anticipate search volume going up, it may be useful to keep these keywords in your account.

Rarely Shown Due to Low Quality Score - If your keyword’s quality score is less than 3/10, you may see this status pop up. This means that Adwords thinks this keyword is not relevant to the ads you are showing and the website you are sending people to. You should examine your landing pages, optimizing them for the given keyword and analyzing potential users’ intentions and experiences. 

Campaign Statuses:

Suspended - Your campaign will be suspended if you have been using a prepaid account balance and that balance has run out. In order to reactivate your account, you need to add funds in the “Billing” section of Google Adwords.

Limited by Budget - This status means your campaign isn’t showing ads as frequently as it could because of a low budget. If your campaign has quickly reached its daily budget for the previous 7 days, this status will appear. Adwords will suggest an increased budget for you, but if increasing your budget isn’t an option, there are some things you can do to help use your budget more effectively:

  • Lower your Max. CPC bid. Paying slightly less for each click will allow you to slow down how quickly you spend your daily budget. You may even get some more impressions and clicks each day.
  • Increase your quality score. A higher quality score means that you have to pay less money to get the same ad position. Spending less money for each click will stretch your budget and make it last.
  • Make sure your campaign delivery method is set to "standard" instead of "accelerated."
  • Change your bidding strategy to allow Adwords to automatically set and adjust your bids.