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What does a Project Manager do at Fusionbox?

Posted by fusionbox on May 12, 2011, 6 p.m.

So, what kind of work do you do?


A common enough question, but when a client asks, the Project Manager better have a pretty good answer. The "I make sure the project runs smooth" answer just isn't good enough. So I did a quick tally of what I did in one week and the results were . . well, long, but eye opening. So here is a quick blow-by-blow tour of the average week of a Fusionbox Project Manager.


Monday AM - Status report time, this is when I take a look at all the progress we made last week on all the open projects, make sure we're still on schedule. Every active client gets a quick run down of where we are in the schedule, what to expect this week and what if anything I need from them.


Monday PM - Status reports going out always mean lots of calls and emails coming back in with questions or answers for me. Either way the whole afternoon is in client communication mode answering quick emails, multiple page emails, 30 second phone calls and the occasional 30 minute call.


Tuesday AM - Discovery session with a new client this morning. We reviewed the client's goals for the new site, with an eye to maximizing conversions and delivering high usability.


Tuesday PM - Launched a site today! Went through the post-launch checklist with the Fusionbox team and sent the report to the client to verify everything was working.


Wednesday AM - Checked in on the site launched yesterday, everything is working and no errors reported by the system. Called the client to verify they are getting contact emails and all is well. Performed post-launch interview with client to be sure that their expectations were met and to discuss future phases.


Wednesday PM - I spent the afternoon reviewing the discovery session notes from yesterday and getting wireframes ( a blue print for the website) created for the client to review. We like to touch base with the client a lot throughout the process to ensure we have their feedback and are on the right track every step of the way!


Thursday AM - Prepping for a site launch next week. Running through the pre-launch checklist with the Fusionbox team to make sure all the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed. Our crackerjack QA folks put together a user guide for the new Content Management System and a call with the client is in order to walk them through using the system on the development server so they know how to use the new site when it launches.


Thursday PM - Getting things ready for the programming team next week by writing a spec for the Content Management System for a new site. Once the spec is written I review the functionality with our QA lead so she can start prepping the test plan.


Friday AM - This week has flown by! This morning was all about getting caught up after a busy week by double checking all the project plans and following up with a few clients to make sure they're on track with content development and approvals.


Friday PM - Great week and next week we'll launch another website. Time for a beer and a game of ping pong.