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What's Different About Facebook's New Brand Pages?

Posted by fusionbox on Feb. 28, 2012, 5 p.m.

Have you seen the new Facebook pages layout? There are many ways businesses can take advantage of this design, but you may have to scrap some old Facebook strategies you were planning before today.

Profile Picture
I have always been a fan of the long vertical profile pictures to promote a special or just an awesome design, but say bye-bye to custom photo heights! Now, you are constrained to a profile picture that's 125x125px.
Cover Photo
To make up for the fact that your profile picture is smaller, you now have an 851x315px photo to play around with. If you were an artist, this would be considered your album cover, so utilize it and make an impression even before your visitors read your content.
Facebook tabs
Don't worry, you don't have to get rid of your Facebook tabs! They are just placed elsewhere. (See figure below) Some of the tabs are hidden unless expanded, but you can reorganize the order to prioritize your top tabs in the 4 that Facebook automatically features.
Tagging your friends who mention your brand
When visiting a brand page, you might see posts from your friends that mention the brand without them actually tagging the brand. What this means is that Facebook picks up a keyword in your friends' statuses and will automatically be displayed on that brand's timeline. This is a cool feature, however, you should be careful about what you say about a brand (on your personal Facebook page). Putting aside the privacy issues that will come about through this, what happens when a brand DOESN'T want a post from your friend associated with their brand? As an example, one of our Internet Marketing Specialists saw a post from her uncle about a "rum and coke" on Coca Cola's page. Will a post about "coke", perhaps in a non-PC manner, show up on Coca Cola's page as well? You can bet Coca Cola doesn't want that associated with their brand.
Facebook Timeline
Can't forget about the Facebook Timeline. Besides the new layout, you can now post events or milestones (the post will appear larger than the other posts). It is segmented into years so you can go back to previous years to view what happened and what was posted.
Direct Messaging
Pages can now accept direct messages from fans, but not vice versa. You are allowed to respond, however. This can come into handy to hopefully allow fans to send personal messages, private complaints, or general feedback. Make sure to be aware and prepared for the possibility of fans using this as an email address contact information.
Admin Panel
Your new admin panel (shown above your page if you're an admin) is laid out differently. It shows your new likes, notifications, direct messages and insights, consolidating the information into a lovely panel for easy using.
This new design and layout is great for businesses to showcase photos and get creative. If you think your business is not a business that is photo-centric, then it's time to begin thinking about adding more photos and getting more creative about making your business more visual.
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