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Why Pinterest Aids in Successful Online Marketing

Posted by fusionbox on Dec. 20, 2011, 5 p.m.

What is Pinterest?
Pinterest is a social media image bookmarking site where users create inspiration boards that allow them to 'pin' photos they find on the Internet or upload from their computer. A user can have as many inspiration boards as they would like and categorize them how they would like. For example, a user can have a board dedicated to recipes, wedding inspiration, baby clothing, products they love and so much more.
Other users can repin or like your pins; your picture will then show up on their inspiration boards and the cycle continues until your picture is repined 100 times on different users' boards worldwide.
3 Reasons Why Pinterest is Good For Online Marketing
Pinterest is a great tool for online marketing no matter the product or the site. Here is why:
  • The user interface is good for browsing
You can view the pins of the boards and people you are following, you can view the pins in different categories, and you can view every pin in every category. Browsing is also easy when you scroll through pages and pages of small pictures.
  • Pinterest knows your interests
When you first become a 'member' of Pinterest, you are asked to check your interests before you start pinning. Pinterest then suggests similar members with similar interests for you to follow. Also, when you are searching under the 'everything' category, you are shown pins that relate to your interests as well. Now businesses know what your interests are and know where to find you. It's perfect, really.
And finally, -drumroll please-
  • Pins are linked back to the web page that it originated from (and it's followed)
This feature is great for search engine optimization purposes because a site link gets in the face of people that want to see it and by clicking the picture, you are directed to the page sourced.

Pinterest Example

How You Can Be Successful Using Pinterest
In order to be successful at Pinterest - and take advantage of its benefits & audience - as a business/business owner, it is important to not spam or blatantly promote your products and/or services. Publishing content that is engaging to your audience is one of the best practices of strategy any business can do.
Here are some tips on how your business can be successful using this image sharing site:
  • Use engaging images on your site pages and blog posts
  • Publish clear images that can be seen as a small image or icon
  • Connect your Pinterest profile to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to share your pins on your other social networking sites (after you pin an image you will be prompted this sharing action)
  • For local optimization, use your city name in the description of your pin
  • Use the best keywords you can in the pin description
  • Search and see what your audience is talking about (and then use those keywords in your descriptions)
  • Post coupons, giveaways, QR codes and deals
  • Post how-to articles
  • Add a 'pin it' share button to all of your pages and content on your website
This is a lot to take in, but once you get your fingers wet with the Pinterest interface, you will understand your audience more and start posting content that is relevant to them. Then more people will read and pin what you have to offer.
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