Posted on June 22, 2009

A lot goes on behind the scenes when working with a Denver SEO company. There are many factors that go into ranking well and here are three simple keys to get you started:

1. A lot of content

The more content and pages you have, the higher your site ranks in the crucial organic (non-paid) results for a customer's search terms. Google tries to match the user up with the authority on a topic.

Your content also shows thought leadership in your area and builds brand trust among your customers. Anticipate the questions, challenges and opportunities your customers have, and answer them in content on your website. And post information about your company's innovative ideas, new programs that benefit your customers, and activities your company is involved in that show you're a leader in your industry.

2. A lot of inbound links

The more sites that link to yours, the higher your site ranks in organic search engine results. You want high-quality sites linking to pages in your site; this is another reason you need a lot of high-quality content.

It takes a bit of time; it took about three months when I first starting working on this for our site, and I kept working at it (it was addictive!). Now I write articles all the time and add them to our site. We got to the top of Google results for keywords like Denver Web Design, Denver Web Development, Denver Interactive Agency ... We get a significant percentage of our leads via search engines — ranging from small entrepreneurs to National Geographic.

3. NOT a lot of code

What Google does is spider through the HTML code on your site. What you want is a high ratio of content to code, with keywords near the top of the code. The less code, the faster search engines can get to your content and keywords.

Many companies have "code bloat" — hundreds of lines more code than they need. We use structural tactics such as extracting all the formatting tags you typically see in HTML, like "font color = 'X'" we take it out of the code and put it into an external style sheet. That reduces the volume of code dramatically. One client was on page 5 of Google search results for their top keywords, and they'd tried everything. We reduced the number of lines of code from 900 to 400 to remove all of the bloated code.

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