Posted on April 23, 2007

Quickbooks Services who is one of our clients is an internet marketing pioneer. We’ve been working with them since 2001 and they are early adopters of all kinds of internet programs.

One tool that we’ve created with them is the ability to create dynamic landing pages on the fly. Quickbooks creates landing pages so users who click through from an internet marketing campaign, get the content they were promised.

Quickbooks does this so they can test which content, images, and offers get the best response. They’ll send out one offer to 50% of email subscribers, and a completely different offer to the other 50%. Then, they track how many users click through and how many convert. This is called A/B testing and is an old direct marketing technique used by print media to test magazine covers, ad copy, etc.

Once the data comes in on the click through rates, the process starts over again. This means that Quickbooks is constantly refining their messages, offers, image and even layout of the landing page to find the best blend that will get users to convert.

You can do this yourself with your own email marketing. If you subscribe to an email marketing service like Campaigner, Constant Contact or SwiftPage, you can segment your list and send two versions of your email out. Take a look at your reporting tools and find out how many users opened the email, and how many clicked through. This is an effective way to test different subject lines, landing pages, offers, copy and even the placement of content in the email and on your landing pages.