Posted on Aug. 20, 2008

Content Management is total content control. With a content management system, or CMS, you can maintain consistency across your site with a few clicks. Whether brand messaging, news, or even look and feel, a CMS makes sitewide maintenance simple and quick. But there’s more to it than that.

With the many capabilities of a CMS, businesses can leverage this technology to meet business goals, drive demand, and create deeper user engagement.

By immediately posting news, blogs, comments, and other information, a company can respond almost instantaneously to changes in the digital marketplace. Whether this means adding, deleting, or editing live content, a CMS is a tool that should be carried in every webmaster’s toolbox.

Still, marketers need to make sure they understand the applications, and inherent potential, of content management. Tell marketers that they can change prices, offers, and featured products at any time to meet a business goal or respond to an event affecting the company. They’ll tell you their sales team thinks you’re onto something.

Marketers need to remember that a CMS gives them the ability to leverage unique pieces of content across multiple sites while providing multi-lingual support and content, a critical factor for companies with an international reach and online presence.

While the best web designs are functional and aesthetic, the best of the best are designed to communicate with personas, essentially characters representative of specific audience segments. A content management system grants marketers the ability to tailor the user experience toward whatever end engages users, and thus makes an impact on your bottom line.

On top of that, many content management tools can be integrated with web analytics, allowing for simple A/B or multivariate testing capabilities. Running tests like these allow marketers to determine which look, feel, or content is most popular with users, leading to higher conversion rates and more effective, engaging messaging.

Many of today’s best web analytics platforms grant almost infinite measurability. When this data is coupled with a CMS, marketers can react almost instantly to changes affecting their website instead of waiting days for changes to be made internally or by an outside vendor.

Don’t forget Denver search engine optimization (SEO) either; the best of today’s content management systems can be implemented in an SEO-friendly technique, ensuring your pages are optimized from the beginning. Search engines love sites with freshly updated content – the results pages are evidence of this preference. A CMS allows multiple authors to post to the company blog, and when done a few times a week with a search friendly CMS, you’ll see a boost in your own search rankings.

At it’s very core, content management is about reaching the right person, at the right time, with the right CONTENT. This creates an engaging user experience that drives demand. The dynamism of content management, and the re-purposing of relevant and engaging content, is an evolution in online strategy that will drive strong results for any organization.

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