Posted on May 25, 2009

Clients often ask Fusionbox how Google ranks sites and how to get to the top. Google, or any other search engine, is looking for the authority on whatever keyword you are searching on. Google's algorithm takes hundreds of factors in to account. Below, we will list just a few of them that in our experience are important:

* The age of the URL
* The quality of the URL
* The quality of the code
* The amount of keyword-heavy written content
* The amount of pages on the site
* The frequency the content is updated
* The number of relevant inbound links
* The quality of those links
* Site traffic
* Time on site
* Use of keywords in titles, descriptions and tags
* Code accessibility and W3C standards

These are just a few of what we consider when we take on Denver Internet Marketing clients who want to rank for their keywords.

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