Posted on Aug. 9, 2007 and eBay may seem like they have the e-Commerce market cornered. And it may seem like having a truly great e-Commerce site would take hundreds of people and millions of dollars to develop. Both of these assumptions, however instinctual and seemingly true, are in fact false.

At Fusionbox we can create sophisticated and secure e-Commerce systems for your business solutions. Our three tiered approach to providing e-Commerce services ensure the needs of your business are met, no matter its size.

The first tier of service we provide utilizes the PayPal system to process payments. By using PayPal, you gain the ease and security of a worldwide service, however your transactions will be performed on the PayPal site, thus taking the user away from yours. This option is best suited for individual or small businesses seeking the least amount of customization.

Our second tier takes advantage of VeriSign’s PayFlowLink. Like our PayPal option, the PayFlowLink transactions are performed off your site. But unlike PayPal, PayFlowLink’s design is somewhat customizable to fit in with your company’s branding.

The final tier of our e-Commerce solutions employs VeriSign’s PayFlowPro. This professional system allows for your transactions to be performed on your own site, with a fully customizable design. Our developers and designers ensure the continuity of your e-Commerce system with the rest of your site’s design.

From small business to large corporation, Fusionbox seeks to meet the needs of all e-Commerce vendors.

Fusionbox is a Denver web site design company. Our Denver web development team specializes in secure e-commerce putting you at ease knowing your transactions are safe.