Posted on Nov. 18, 2008

Interactive agencies are the new advertising agencies. At Fusionbox, we believe that your online strategy should drive your offline strategy. Year after year, direct marketing efforts get lost in a sea of junk mail. When potential clients need a product or service, they go online to research, find and buy those products or services. The company that wins is the one that is in the right place, at the right time, with the right offer. And let’s not forget that there should be no usability barriers to conversion.

Print and direct mail pieces should be used to direct traffic online for conversion. But, more importantly, where it can be qualified and tracked. We see clients spending their budgets on branding, print, and television where they could launch a search engine marketing campaign for half the cost.

Marketers serious about proving ROI continue to shift their marketing dollars to digital marketing because they are able to effectively set goals and measure ROI through analytics, variables and landing pages. Advertisers can also test their messaging, offers, pricing, and even design by launching multivariate testing.

If your current Denver Advertising Agency isn’t cutting it for you, give us a call to explore ways we can effect your bottom line.