Posted on Sept. 19, 2005

Ivy Hastings, Fusionbox’s lead project manager, has joined the Board of Directors for the Denver non-profit, Arts Street.

Arts Street teaches young adults the business and craft of art, and opens up a world of opportunities for Denver’s at-risk youth. The program employs mentors who are experts in their field whether it be fine art, web design, product design, dance or the theater arts. The mentors hire a team of young professionals to create and market a work of art.

“So many of Denver’s youth are dropping out of school and taking low-paying jobs,” says Ivy Hastings. “This program opens up a whole new world of opportunity for these kids.” Many Arts Street alumni go on to successful careers in the Arts.

Fusionbox has long been a supporter of Arts Street and has recently hired one of Arts Street’s alumni for his web design and development skills. “Simon has been a tremendous asset to Fusionbox,” said Ivy. “Many other Denver companies could benefit from hiring these kids.”

To learn more about Arts Street, go to the Arts Street web site.