Posted on Feb. 15, 2009

Alexander Groth, Fusionboxs founder, is a programmer by trade. He founded Fusionbox because he knew there would be demand for a company with superior technical skills.

We don't do logo development, radio, television, outdoor or any other type of advertising services, nor do we plan to. We do web and we love it. We are experts in usability, interactive design best practices, navigational best practices, internet marketing and especially at creating content management that is full of features and incredibly easy for non-technical people to use.

Over the years we have seen many agencies in Colorado launch web departments that have failed. Knowing interactive really well takes years of experience and learning. Agencies struggle to recruit, hire and retain technical people because they don't speak the language (geek speak). Agencies often bring us in as their de facto web department. We have long-term relationships with two ad agencies in California and have launched many sites for their clients.

Fusionbox is a full-service Denver Internet marketing, web design, and web development company. To learn more, contact us today!