Posted on Sept. 23, 2009

A lot of people get a bad vibe when they hear the term “Internet marketing.” For many, a distinct mental image “pops up” of being barraged with unwanted and untimely pop ups, as well as SPAM. That is not the “Internet marketing” that legitimate companies like Fusionbox perform.

When Fusionbox talks about Internet marketing they are talking about making companies visible for people trying to find them, not forcing them on unwilling Internet users. SEO consists of optimizing a Web site so that it ranks well on search engines. Much like the thousands of companies who named themselves “AAA Plumbing” or “123 Auto Repair” to show up at the top of a phone book, companies want to be found first on search engines.

Unlike the alphabetical listings of a phone book, search engines have formulas to give the most relevant and trustworthy sites priority in their results pages. Hence, SEO experts are there to stay on top of the ever-changing formulas, helping maintain a Web site's reputation and enabling them to show up at the top of results.

Other aspects of Internet marketing include pay per click (PPC) and social media marketing (SMM). PPC involves putting together campaigns for keywords that you will pay to put on search engines, which show up in a different section of a search results page than organic listings. The search engines have strict rules that govern ad copy and the legitimacy of the site where users land.

Social media marketing involves companies building relationships with their customers on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Everything that Fusionbox does is recommended by the search engines and is consistent with industry standards. As avid Internet users ourselves, we are happy to contribute to making the Internet a better place to be.

Just as there are companies in the offline world that put fliers on your car windshield, knock on your door with a sales pitch, and call you during dinner to sell you insurance, there are just as many of these folks online.

The spammers, scammers, and pop-up creators give people the wrong idea about Internet marketing, but as you can see, Internet marketing is simply an honest form of marketing that is performed online.