Posted on Aug. 8, 2007

Everyone nowadays is talking about search engine optimization, better known by its acronym SEO. Internet marketers all know that they need SEO, but the majority don’t understand how to go about implementing it effectively. After all, SEO is similar to surgery, only in this sense, your website is the patient.

As a patient, you wouldn’t want just anyone operating on you now would you? Of course not. Along the same lines, you wouldn’t want some guy who’s pretty sure he knows what he’s doing operating on you either. You want a professional with education and experience, someone who has done this before, knows the in’s and out’s, and hasn’t been sued for malpractice.

Still, I’m shocked at the number of SEO companies who claim to know what they’re doing when they haven’t got even a basic idea. I look at their websites thinking, “Whoa, gear down big shifter!”

So by now, you’re probably asking yourself, “How exactly do I go about optimizing my website? ". This article will reveal the basic methods that search engine optimization is built upon.

When Fusionbox is hired to strengthen a website’s search engine ranking, we use methods designed to boost organic positioning in the search engine results pages. Instead of paying someone to link to your site, or purchasing ad space on another website, we utilize techniques that are time-tested and results driven.

By now, it’s no secret that search engine results rely on three key areas: code, content, and links. At Fusionbox, we’ve defined a search engine optimization strategy that puts your users at the forefront of web design and implementation. How you ask? Read on.

At Fusionbox, our approach to SEO is scientific and results driven. Unlike many companies claiming to offer effective SEO strategies, our solutions are always designed with your users in mind. Our process emphasizes research and refinement. By delving into your users’ motivations and needs before any optimization takes place, we gain a complete knowledge of what drives users to your site and what motivates them to convert. This understanding is a prerequisite for any successful SEO campaign and allows us to translate user needs into a complete solution that drives targeted traffic to your site. Like a medical operation, the ailments need to be defined before any incisions are made. SEO is no different; any campaign needs to be built upon a foundation of research and understanding.

Our approach to search engine optimization is highly collaborative. We create an web-based strategic framework and identify your unique KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in order to translate your business needs into viable SEO solutions.

We then perform an SEO site wide diagnostic to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your site from an SEO standpoint. This phase is based upon research, research, research. The first step is to identify your target audience and users, then isolate the primary keywords they’ll use to search for you. It’s critical to perform competitive analysis in order to ensure that the keywords your site contains align with your site content.

Having chosen targeted keywords that define your audience, we begin the on page optimization process. This includes modifications to your website’s code to make it more visible to search engines. We then generate, refine, and develop your content to ensure that it’s keyword focused. This includes your Title tags, which display the title of your page in the bar above the menus and address bar of your browser. Using keywords pertinent to your website inside the title tag, like Denver Web Design or Web Development can increase your organic page ranking. We also rewrite your existing content, incorporating a keyword focus, while expanding your meta data (keywords and description tags) to ensure your site content aligns with your overall theme.

The reason we do this is that search engine spiders “crawl” websites, indexing page content and comparing it to the overall theme of the site. The strength of this contextual relationship is part of how search engine results are determined.

The quality of your content and code aren’t the only aspects of your site that affect your ranking. The other is the evaluation of incoming links (number and quality), which plays a huge part in determining a page’s search engine rank. At Fusionbox, we begin a targeted link acquisition program to build a network of relevant incoming links. While not necessarily a traditional aspect of SEO, this phase also includes social media marketing designed to increase your website’s visibility among your audience segment. Read our blog to see how social media marketing can boost your SEO efforts and online presence.

The way we build our sites always results in higher search engine rankings.

We’ve hit the first page of Google for organic search results under “Denver Web Design” and “Denver Web Development” in just a couple of months. Previously, we did not even show up in the first thousand results.

Fusionbox has SEO down to a science; we builds sites to be found, using a process that we know works.

As you’ve no doubt seen, search engine optimization (SEO) is a tricky business. With so many companies out there, how are you supposed to choose the best one? Like finding the best doctor, an expert in the field, SEO is no different. Anyone can claim to know what they’re doing, but we let our results speak for themselves.

Mike Vallano is an SEO expert and Search Engine Marketing Specialist at Fusionbox, a full-service Denver Internet marketing, web design, and web development company. He can be reached at at (303) 952-7490.