Posted on Oct. 2, 2008

Fusionbox recently launched a search-engine-friendly site for the Denver flooring company, ProSource.

Here are the results:
ProSource is a flooring retailer in Denver, CO. The owner came to Fusionbox because he wanted to bring more foot traffic in the door for one of his monthly sales events. He also wanted to expand his list of member emails (ProSource sells to the trade only). Fusionbox created a postcard directing members to the website to register and print money. The result was overwhelming. Not only did ProSource have a huge surge in sales that month (23%) but they also signed up 120 new members.

Fusionbox also launched a search engine marketing campaign for ProSource. Since we started the campaign, ProSource has gone from receiving no leads from their site to having 10-12 new members sign up every month. Typically each new member spends between $5k-$30k a year on ProSource products. ProSource is paying Fusionbox $1,200 a month for search engine marketing so the campaign is more than paying for itself in new business.

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