Posted on June 21, 2008

Denver SEO companies have sophisticated tools in their tool bag to perform competitive analysis. However, here are a few quick tips on using Google for some competitive analysis on your own. Of course, these same tips will also show you more about your own website, allowing you to see where your website falls into the mix.

To use these tips, visit the Google homepage and type these queries into the search box.

To see how many incoming links a site has (a critical factor for SEO), type:

To find out how many pages of a site Google has indexed, type: site:

To find related keywords and synonyms, type the tilde "~" character in front of your query. For example, if I wanted to find related words for cars, type: ~cars

To discover more information about a website, perform a Google search by typing:

To see the Cached version of a website or specific page (this is what Google "sees" on your site), type:

To find websites Google relates to your own, type:

All of these tips can quickly illustrate the competitive landscape for SEO, allowing you to determine your next step when optimizing a website.

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