Posted on Feb. 26, 2007

I have been a member of King Sooper’s savings club in Denver for years and years. I always wondered why King Sooper’s was never using my buying habits to send me targeted coupons. How hard could that be?

Finally, the other day, I got a letter in the mail with special coupons in it just for me. These coupons were supposed to be issued specifically to me based on my buying habits. Problem was, most of the coupons were so general, that they would have fit anyone’s profile. Fifty percent off produce? Now what person has not bought produce in the last few years?

The lack of targeted advertising and content leaves me nonplussed. Take for example, Barnes and Noble. They have my email address and my buying habits (web geek stuff, novels) for the last many years. They email me, but it’s always with very general offers. Why couldn’t they offer targeted coupons and suggestions like Amazon does? Is it that hard to collect buying habits and then segment a list?

More and more companies need to get on the Amazon bandwagon. With all that good data, companies could have you hooked for life.