Posted on Sept. 14, 2009

As with everything else, in search engine optimization (SEO), if it sounds too good to be true than it probably is. Many Denver SEO companies will guarantee instant results and number one rankings on all relevant keywords. After a few months when things haven't gone the way that a client is promised they rightfully get a bad taste in their mouth.

SEO is an ever changing process in every aspect. Search engines constantly change their formulas to provide searchers the most relevant content. Google would not be the force that it is if they didn't provide the right links for searchers. Just like the searcher, search engines want the best page to show up first in the results for keywords. If a searcher doesn't trust the search engine they will search somewhere else which is why it is the engines best interest to evolve constantly while getting rid of untrustworthy sites from the results.

If SEO was as easy as many companies make it sound, everyone would rank number one for everything which simply isn't possible. Companies may be able to get you to number one quickly for certain keywords but to do so they will have to use “black hat” SEO tactics. Search engines may not recognize that they are abusing the system at first but it is only a matter of time before they catch on. Getting caught using black hat tactics in SEO is as bad as Pete Rose betting on his own baseball games; search engines will give you a lifetime ban no matter how reputable you were before.

Fusionbox recommends that you do your research before you choose an SEO company. Save yourself a headache by making sure you know what you are investing in. SEO is a great investment and Fusionbox clients have seen great results. Listen to your instincts when an SEO company promises you the moon, and most of all make sure you know how they plan to achieve results.