Posted on Jan. 19, 2009

Here we go again. Companies are jumping on the Twitter bandwagon to try to promote their businesses. One of my tweets last week was to poll my followers to see if anyone had an example of a successful B2B Twitter case study. What did I get? Radio silence.

It doesn’t surprise me. I see businesses jumping on the social media bandwagon without any thought put toward their goals. If they are going to spend a ton of time on social media sites, they need to see a benefit. If they don’t, they should shift their energies toward an alternate online marketing strategy. (May we suggest SEO which has an astronomical ROI.)

All of this got me on a mission to identify some real success stories on how Twitter has helped businesses— B2B or not. So, I’m at a Tweetup, discussing the subject with some social media experts when I realize I’m contributing to a success story at that very moment. I would never have attended an event for Flying Dog Brewery if I had not heard about it on Twitter. I never would have even tried any of the Flying Dog brews if it hadn’t been for that event. And, I would not have gone out and bought a six pack if I hadn’t liked their beer.

Now, if I can just find a good instance of how Twitter has helped a B2B company…