Posted on June 25, 2008

Social media marketing is more than just a buzz word. It's fast becoming one the best tactics for reaching specific audiences.

Online video, which is a major component of social media thanks to the ease with which it's shared, has proven itself a powerful viral marketing tool for building buzz and spreading messages.

So how can you use YouTube to propel a viral marketing campaign? First, you need to create quality videos if you haven't already. Remember that in the digital age, remarkable content is exalted into the viral realm, while un-original and otherwise mediocre content won't attract any attention. So make sure what you're posting has the inherent potential to go viral.

Next create a channel on YouTube where you can showcase your work and your brand. You can see an example of a branded YouTube channel Fusionbox created for one of our clients, the Morris Animal Foundation. With this channel, their videos are being watched more in a single day than they were in an entire month when they existed solely on their site. Furthermore, viewers and users are linking to and sharing this content, which is great for creating exposure and building awareness.

Once your channel has been created and your videos uploaded, seek out similarly-themed channels and users who share your interest to start building a viewer base by starting conversations. While this takes time, a piece of exceptional content can kick start a campaign and take it viral, possibly even propelling you to the front page of Digg and other social bookmarking web sites.

What's more, YouTube recently announced that it had set up a virtual screening room to allow the work of independent filmmakers to reach a global audience.

In addition to creating much needed exposure, YouTube is also allowing these filmmakers to share in the revenue created by sales of the films and advertising.

Even if you're not a filmmaker, YouTube provides a place where you can screen your work in front of a global audience who's interested in what you have to say.

Using social media for viral marketing is easier than you think. The only things you need to be successful are an intimate understanding of your target audience and content that this audience will appreciate enough to link to and share with their network.

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