Posted on Aug. 10, 2007

Envision a website having the power to take you through the deep jungles of South America, or giving you the ability to write a screenplay with a friend halfway across the continent, or allowing you to share photos, music, or videos with family from around the world.

All is possible.

At Fusionbox, we specialize in building customized web applications that enhance a user’s web experience and enrich the world around them.

By integrating dynamic, interactive programs into a site, the web seamlessly connects people with new images and sounds, new perspectives and ideas, and most importantly, connects people with people.

In the past Fusionbox has created a video up-link site, where users can upload their own videos, participate in discussions, and find answers to their questions. With the addition of video, a website is transformed from an anonymous location into a personal meeting place.

As well, Fusionbox has designed an agency internal, custom blog for McClain Finlon, where its employees can add posts and connect with one another. The blog allows employees to keep up with one another and stay current with trends in the advertising world.

Recently, Fusionbox developed an interactive site for National Geographic. Using Flash, we created a navigational display that allows users to scroll through and discover all of the various maps National Geographic has to offer. With this tool, people can unearth new roads and paths, and set out exploring the far ends of the world.

The possibilities of web applications are vast and limitless. Contact us to see.