Posted on Dec. 3, 2006

Quickbooks Quickbooks is really an online marketing leader. They are way advanced in what they are doing and needed a good team to implement some of their ideas. We have been developing custom web-based software for them since 2001. One of the most recent projects we completed was to create a tool that allows an administrator to create dynamic web landing pages that are served to users based on either the domain, location, or link from which they are coming. This means, they can serve different content to different users based on all kinds of variables. So, for example, if a user came from an IP address in New York, they would be presented with different pricing models, than say someone from Ohio. We have also completed A/B testing and Multivariate testing. This is also completely dynamicwhich means the client can go online, create campaigns on the fly, and then track the success of each creative.

National Geographic For National Geographic, we are creating a social networking site based around the map community. This means users can track trails on their GPS, upload their waypoints and create dynamic maps. They can then rate, comment on, and share maps. Users will be able to create and join different groups.

McClain Finlon Advertising McClain Finlon advertising was having issues with their previous website. The usability was terrible, load times were long, the Flash video on the site wasnt working, and they could not make updates. Plus, their site was not showing up on search engineseven when users searched for McClain Finlon. Ouch!! Most of the problem was the Flash programming. The first thing we did was take their site out of Flash and create a combination of Flash and HTML. Then we improved the usability of the entire site and gave them content management, so their marketing staff could update their portfolio pieces (including text, images, audio and video). We also gave them an RSS Feed for their press releases. The result was more traffic, better search engine results, up-to-date content, and a happy agency.

ManiaTV For ManiaTV we redesigned their entire site and added a Create your own channel tool using AJAX technology. This allows users to search and browse video, add them to their favorites and them string them together in a playlist by dragging and dropping thumbnail images into position.

VerusLive For VerusLive, an Evergreen-based market research company, we are creating a site built around Flash video content. The users will view video and then comment on video using recordings of themselves that they upload directly to the site. The tool will also connect directly to the users web cam and record video directly to the server.

Ivy Hastings is a Project Manager at Fusionbox, a Denver web design and development company. A graduate of UC Berkeley, Ivy has published many articles about Internet Marketing. She currently sits on the Board of Directors for Arts Street, a local non-profit that teaches at-risk youth the craft and business of the Arts.